Program Summary 2017


IFMNT Foundations

Offered 3 times a year as live webinars or anytime as pre-recorded “Fast-Track”.

Next Live Session:  Fall 2017 09/11/17 - 10/16/17

Option of 6 live, interactive webinars or recorded series. 

12 CPEs.

Regular rate $497

Early bird $397

Full time student rate: $198.50

Required for Certificate of Training and FMN Credential

“Opt out” exam is available for those with previous training or experience.

IFMNT Certificate of Training

Mostly live, interactive year-long webinar series –

Next session: Fall 2017
Wednesday evenings, Starting Nov 1st (meets 2-3 times a month)

17 different topics, 35 content rich webinars (30 live) + 1 free private mentor sessions with Susan Allen RD, CCN.

70 CPEs.

Regular rate $2297

Early bird $2097

Required for Certificate of Training and FMN Credential

Advanced IFMNT Training

Summer 2017 - Join in progress - Wednesdays, 1 PM - 3 PM ET.

Meets every other week for 8 months.

Winter 2017 TBA

11 different topics, 23 Webinars (14 live and interactive).  

3 discussion sessions 

46 CPEs.

Regular rate $197

Early Bird $1397

Required for FMN Credential

IFMNT Case Studies

2017 Recorded Series Available Now

7 two-hour case study presentations

14 CPEs

Regular rate $425

Early bird $375

Required for FMN Credential

Culinary Aspects of IFMNT

Fall 2017 live webinar series

Aug 29th to Dec 5th

8 live interactive webinars.

16 CPEs.

Regular price $439 (IFMNT Students $399)

Early bird – save $30

Required for FMN Credential


  1. Therapeutic Diets instruction is included in regular programming
  2. Discussion included as an interactive format in all live webinars
  3. All live webinars recorded. Recording access limited to 60 days (or 2 months after program completion).