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More About IFMNT Training Programs
This training is different! Not just "book learning" but solid mentoring the whole way. Learn from Susan’s vast experiences and her "stories from the trenches". You won’t just learn the "what", you’ll learn the "how" as Susan shares her personal strategies for success. Real cases display the IFMNT process and ensure your learning is transformed into practical know-how! Tons of evidence-based learning. Handouts galore! Customizable forms to use in practice. Expert guest presenters join Susan to offer THE most comprehensive IFMNT training now offering over 150 CPEs pre-approved by the Commission on Dietetic registration! Small class size ensures personalization of learning – you won’t get lost in the crowd. Mostly live webinar format engages the learner and offers the highest level of participant interaction/engagement. What are you waiting for? The time is now -Time to become part of the fast- changing holistic healthcare movement. Time to transform your practice and make a real difference! A year from now, you will wish you had started today – REGISTER NOW!

Meet Susan Allen RD, CCN
25 years of clinical experience in Functional Nutrition; over a decade as a private mentor and now 4 years leading on-line group training. NEW – Certificate of Training in IFMNT featuring special expert guest presenters and an emphasis on nutritional genomics!

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Susan Allen RD, CCN
Founder & Mentor, Next Level Functional Nutrition

Twenty-five years ago my mentor in the field of Functional Medicine helped me realize there was more to nutrition than I learned in my traditional training. Enticed, this led me down an exciting path of discovery that transformed me, both personally and professionally. I hear often from my clients, “No one else has ever told me this” and “I feel better than I have in years!”

Enthralled with my success and career growth using IFMNT, I realized I just had to share this with my peers. This vision is what birthed my own mentor program almost 20 years ago, which eventually grew into the international training initiative Next Level Functional Nutrition, where noted experts join me in influencing thousands to incorporate IFMNT into practice.

My mission is to see nutrition considered the very cornerstone of health and to have my colleagues experience no less than the level of respect and success they so deserve, yet often struggle to have. I truly believe IFMNT is the key!

I am proud to be considered one of the pioneers in our global healthcare transformation. Join me on this amazing journey and see for yourself how much more you can grow and make a difference yourself!

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See What Others Are Saying
"I was losing sight of the reason I became a dietitian in the first place. IFMNT training has revitalized my reason for going into nutrition: to use food and nutrients to prevent and ameliorate disease. And it works!" Not only that, but Facebook is awesome – having the extra support to ask questions and bounce around ideas is fantastic!"

Alicia Galvin Smith MED, RD, LD, CLT

“With Next Level Functional Nutrition and Susan’s experience and knowledge, I have learned without having to leave my home and with the support of other nutritionists whom also serve as mentors…even as they are learning, too.”

Kimberly ConcraLDA

My assessment skills have improved tremendously. The functional lab analysis has truly amazed me – this skill alone can transform an RD’s practice! I appreciate that the sessions are recorded. To me the biggest benefit is access to the Facebook group and Susan who has been available to answer questions about individual cases."

Paulette Weber RD, LD/N, CLT

“The IFMNT course has been career-changing for me. This training is so critical for any RD. I think that we are doing the public a disservice by not practicing in this way. I would encourage any RD to jump in to this course with your eyes wide open because you are going to be thoroughly trained in the field of functional nutrition and empowered to take your practice to then next level!”

Ayla WitheeMS, RDN, LDN, CLT

“WOW! I’ve been a dietitian for 5 years, a chemical engineer for 33 years and an avid gardener for most of my 55 years. I have been puzzling how to integrate my passion for growing food with my recent passion for IMMNT. This just rocks! After watching the culinary class 2, I created a layering/plate and bowl building experience for my FUN (functional understanding nutritionists) group which was met with much enthusiasm. The experience included a trip to my garden with a bucket and garden fork to share vegetables. I’m so excited to roll with this into my community.”

Mona OttumRD

“This program has taken my knowledge base to a whole new level and has allowed me to add valuable new skills and tools to my practice. It has also opened up my eyes to the many areas that were missing using conventional medical nutrition therapy alone. It has recharged my batteries, renewed my spirit and given me new hope in helping patients, my family and myself regarding health and nutrition.”

Kim McConnellMS, RDN, LDN, CLT

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Private mentoring/coaching sessions available with Susan Allen RD, CCN – perfect for career advice or to help with your most challenging cases. Contact us for more details.

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Get to Know Susan Allen RD, CCN

As a recognized Functional Nutrition expert, Susan Allen provides a unique and very successful approach to personalized health and wellness as she incorporates an overall focus on the mind-body-spirit connection in her work as a speaker, mentor, author and nutrition consultant. Learn more…

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